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Where To Look For A Job In Fundraising...

Updated: Sep 29, 2023

When I first started this blog, I vowed to share and create resources for our sector. Whether it's CFRE study guides, development book reviews, or mentorship opportunities, I remain committed to stepping in to help when a need is identified. So what's up for discussion this time? Job seeking...

The pandemic, inflation, and swiftly advancing technology- the world has changed and our sector is following suit. We've drastically altered how we operate and, in some cases, our teams have downsized and our positions eliminated. Thus, I wanted to provide a comprehensive bank of where fundraisers can go to look for jobs when seeking to move or advance their positions. In no particular order...

  • Women in Development

    • WID has an awesome Job Bank. Though most positions are based in NYC, it is worth a look by those outside of the city as many roles offer remote options. Pro tip: helpful keywords to search include a job title, company name, or job description.

  • AFP Global

    • AFP Global's Career Center has always been the place to look. Don't forget you can also proactively post your resume and browse their other tools for job seekers while you're there. Don't miss this one!

  • AFP Local Chapter

    • Similar to AFP Global, you should also check out your local chapter's website and job bank. Or, if you are looking to relocate, check the chapter in the city you are moving to. Don't forget to look at bigger cities in general since they often have remote opportunities available.

  • Idealist

  • Chronicle of Philanthropy

    • Don't forget the Chronicle of Philanthropy's job bank too. They also have some articles tagged with 'Career Advice' which are worth a review while you are there.

  • African American Development Officers

    • Institutions and organizations that have positions posted on the AADO website are known for a track record of demonstrating a commitment to promoting and enhancing diversity throughout the hiring process. Check out their board here.

  • Women Of Color in Fundraising and Philanthropy

    • WOC is one of my go-to spots I recommend for professional development resources. Be sure to check out their events, sign up for the mailing list, and bookmark their blog. Their job board shouldn't be missed either!

  • Skill Specific Spots: DMFA, CASE, Foundation List & NTEN

    • Folks who work with our low-dollar programs probably already know about the Direct Marketing Fundraisers Association (DMFA) but did you know they had a job board too? Folks in Higher Ed should check out the Council For Advancement and Support of Education (CASE) job board. Grant writers can check out Foundation List and Folks who work in Development Operations (my people! Hey!) should also check out NTEN's board here.

  • CFRE

    • It should go without saying, don't forget to look at the job center over at CFRE. Especially if you are certified, this is a definite place to look.

  • Facebook Groups

    • I know, I can't believe I am suggesting it either, but as long as Facebook is still kicking, it is worth searching. You should search for keywords that interest you, but my two favorites are Repro Jobs and Remote Nonprofit.

  • Feminist Jobs

    • While it isn't exclusive to fundraising, don't forget to check out the Feminist Majority Foundation's job board. It has been around for more than 25 years and is focused on the nations leading feminist and progressive organizations. Check it out!

  • Nonprofit New York

    • It should go without saying but this resource is New York focused. Nonetheless, don't forget about Nonprofit New York's job portal as you are searching.

  • Nonprofit Specific Recruiters and Search Firms

    • You will want to do your own research here but don't forget to introduce yourself to recruiters you meet and favorite them for reference when you are actively looking. My favorite is DRG and Watts List but you will want to find those in your area too.

  • LinkedIn

    • Let's not forget the place where it all started, LinkedIn! While you are there, be sure to update your profile to alert recruiters that you are open to opportunities.

  • Go Directly to the Org

    • When all else fails, don't forget to go directly to your favorite organizations directly. You may have missed an opportunity or stumble upon a new one. Good luck!

Did I miss something? Leave more spots in the comments!


Juliana M. Weissbein, CFRE is a respected leader and decision influencer in regard to fundraising operations best practices. With over a decade of experience, Juliana thrives on professional growth, team success, measurable results, and inspiring fundraisers to utilize data-based strategies. Juliana currently serves as the Associate Director of Development Operations at Planned Parenthood Federation of America. She is an AFP Global Board Member, AFP Global's 2019 Outstanding Young Professional Fundraiser and is a member of the AFP Global Women's Impact Initiative. Juliana is immediate past chair of the AFP New York City chapter’s Emerging Leaders Committee and currently serves on the chapter’s board chairing their mentorship program. She resides in Houston, TX and never turns down a good kombucha.


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